• Capitol Coachworks GSA VEHICLES

    capitol coachworks gsa contract holder

    Capitol Coachworks has been a GSA bus contract holder for 10 years. We are alone in offering the only high end Medium Duty Buses under our GSA contract GS-30F-X0051. To order Medium Duty Buses manufactured by Turtle Top on Freightliner chassis, visit AutoChoice at www.gsa.gov and select either 28 passengers SIN 259W, 28 passengers SIN 359W, 32 passengers SIN 260W, or 32 passengers SIN 360W.

    Don’t put your team on the road in the cheapest bus available. Be prepared to justify your choice as Other Than Low Offer for safety and comfort. We suggest you note that the Coachworks offers sustainable after sales support and options desired but not available from the lowest priced vendor.

    Select a model below to view the base unit Floor Plan. All are available in Alternative Fuel and ADA packages.

    Select a model below to view the Floor Plan.

    Turtle Top Medium Duty Buses

    For those who have become accustomed to operating Krystals or TransTechs in their government fleet, they are still available for purchase and lease at Government discounts.

    REASON 5 for choosing Capitol Coachworks
    Government Friendly – We are a GSA contract holder for high end 28 and 32 passenger buses and our service shop understands the procedures for GSA approvals.